Discovering more pregnancy perks…

I discovered another couple of pregnancy perks today.

  •  People giggle, but don’t really mind, when you get genuinely emotional in the university cafe, because they’ve started stocking those belgian chocolate chip cookies you really like again, after a week of refusing to eat the oat and raisin cookies on the principle that they contain fruit.
  • You don’t have to do warm-ups in rehearsals (enough said).
  • It is perfectly acceptable, apparently, to eat your salad, then stand up, announce that the baby wants cake, and go and fetch said cake. This happened in rehearsals today, I was doing so well with my cucumber and tomatoes (not sure who I’m trying to kid with this healthy eating thing), but then the baby decided it wanted a cookie, and I would not be a good mother if I deprived my unborn child of what it needs, so I got a cookie. For the baby, of course.
  • In fact, “for the baby” seems to work on everything bar alcohol. I was buying a bottle of cider last night and whereas once upon a time I would’ve been praying I didn’t get ID’d (not illegal, just places didn’t accept a Citizencard before I got my driving licence), this time I was praying I wasn’t showing enough for the woman to raise an eyebrow (for the record, the cider wasn’t for me).
  • You can eat lots and lots of fruit and then, on the basis that fruit doesn’t count as real food and is all for the benefit of the baby, you can eat toast and Ben & Jerrys ice cream at half 9 at night. Speaking of which…

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