So The Funny Thing About Gender Is….

… that the vital bits are somewhere between the legs.

And when baby’s got it’s feet stuck firmly up it’s arse (well, not quite, but that’s how the sonographer described it), it makes it a little hard to see those all important bits.

And, after maybe five minutes of disappointment, we came to a conclusion.

Actually, we don’t want to know the gender. We don’t want to know it at the next scan in two weeks time, we don’t want to know it at the 32 week scan and we don’t want to know it at the 4D scan we’re hoping to book.

We don’t want to know it until the baby is born, actually, which isn’t something we’d considered before. We thought we were going to find out but now the idea of a surprise is quite nice.

Now to find and buy ALL the neutral babygros, bedding, and anything else vaguely baby-related (I’m not good at this child-rearing lark just yet) that isn’t pink or blue.

Challenge accepted.

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