So much for ‘impossible’…

I don’t like bragging, and I’d never normally do it in my blog – and I sincerely hope that this post comes across as non-braggy as possible, but I am so bloody chuffed and proud that you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t hold back. 

I got a 2:1 in my second year of uni. Not only have I passed my second year, meaning I can move on to my third and final year of university, but I’ve done it with what is – in my eyes –  a pretty good mark! I was expecting to scrape a pass considering the quality of my last essays, but it looks like maybe they weren’t as bad as I thought! Considering I did the last essays with a two-week-old baby in my arms, recovering after the birth, I don’t think I’ve done too badly. I’m very proud of myself, but I’m also very proud of D, who’s passed his first year with a 2:1 too! Not to mention a couple of ‘1st’s too in some of his modules! 

SB may not have the absolute smartest parents on Earth, but I think we’ve proved we can work fairly well under pressure. I think I’m more proud than I expected because so many expected – and were even waiting – for me to drop out. They didn’t think I’d carry on with uni, they’d ask me – and my parents – what I was going to do without uni, where I was going to go. And yet here we are, having finished the academic year, passed it (pretty well if I do say so myself), and ready to see what the next year will bring. 

It won’t be without its challenges, I know – I’ve got a dissertation to do in my third year, so it’ll be a stressful time, and there’ll be exams for D – but if we can get all these essays submitted on time, to a 2:1 standard, with a difficult pregnancy/unplanned induction/newborn baby, then I feel like we can take on the world! I want SB to be proud of us as she grows up, for continuing with our degrees and getting them done, because we’re doing it for her. That’s the aim now – not classifications, or jobs. Those are the bonuses – the most important thing to me is the hope that SB will know, and be proud of us for carrying on and getting our degrees, to make sure she has everything she needs, wants and deserves. Today I feel like we’re one step closer to making that a reality. 

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