Welcome back to Teething Hell, can I take your complacency?

I think last time we were experiencing teething, I referred to it as purgatory (compared to the early days of colic and constipation). Well, it’s back, and I think we’ve been plunged into full-on teething hell.

Yesterday we got a call from the nursery, just warning us that she was running a temperature and they’d given her Calpol. Of course, the heart just sinks and you wonder what manner of disease your pure, precious baby has caught, crawling around the germ-infested jungle of nursery (I kid; ours is immaculately clean and I love it). Which little monster has passed on some unspeakable virus to your angel?

We turned up to find SB crawling around in just her nappy, looking snotty and drooly and miserable, surrounded by all the healthy, happy kids. Ah. So ours is the one who might infect everyone else. Plus it turns out her nappies were loose (lovely way for describing what we’ve come to know as PooSplosions) and she’s grizzly and grumpy, which is unusual for her.

So we brought her home, the Calpol got her temperature down and she seemed ok for much of last night, until about 1am, when D spent much of the early hours trying to settle her off as she was uncomfortable. A little more Calpol did the job, but cue me wondering if she really is coming down with something nasty. Scarlet fever and similar have been sweeping through nurseries in the UK lately, so I’ve been obsessively tongue-checking and making sure there’s no rashes anywhere.

Roll on today, and we’re still no better. She hasn’t slept properly since 8am this morning, and it’s currently 5:15pm. She should’ve had at least one, maybe two, good naps in this time. Her nappies are grim, she’s off her food, drool is just everywhere and even her dummy isn’t giving her any comfort. We had a quick peek in her mouth and yep, there’s her two top teeth breaking through.

So that explains that, then. We are firmly back in teething hell. Time to rediscover Sophie The Bastard Giraffe (skilfully lost somewhere in the flat) and some lovely cold fruit sticks – no wonder she attacked a pineapple like her life depended on it the other day!

It’s alright, World. I didn’t have anything particularly important to do these next couple of weeks. Just a 5, 500 word dissertation, another approx. 9,000 words in essays, a short video to shoot, a house to tidy and a birthday to plan. Teething baby on top of it all? Pah. I got this.

IMG_0331… No publicity, please…


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