‘Baby Faced Mums’ – My Thoughts

So, after a pretty nerve-wracking Monday, we settled down in front of the TV to watch ‘Baby Faced Mums’. My Facebook was already going crazy, with people tagging me in posts as they sat down to watch it, and I was feeling more than a little bit nervous. Having seen the Twitter vitriol last week, I’d switched Twitter off and promised myself I wouldn’t chance reading any of the comments until afterwards.

So we watched… and I was really, pleasantly surprised. I felt like we came across quite well, SB was adorable as usual and hopefully we did a fair bit to challenge the stereotypes about young parents. It was so surreal to see us on TV, but from the comments I’ve seen, I’m glad people fekt we came across as a strong family – what you saw on that show is how we live on a daily basis, the banter and sickly sweet cuteness with D and singing SB’s bedtime song and everything else we were filmed doing.


We filmed a lot more than was actually shown – we filmed a segment about my blog, the day I started work and also individual conversations with the cameras; D talking about his role and me talking about dispelling myths about young parents. They were interesting segments and it’s a shame time constraints meant they couldn’t be in the final show, but we’re so pleased with how it did turn out.


I hope, more than anything, that we came across as a normal family just trying to get by. We’ve never thought we’re anything special, or any better than any other family, for the fact that we’re studying. We’re immensely proud of ourselves for continuing with our studies, but not to the extent that we think we’re any better than any other parent or any other family.


We had such a great time filming this; I love that we’ve got this show as a memento of what a great time we had, and to have a video recording of such a massive time in our lives – the time when, more than ever, we felt the difficulty of juggling university and parenthood – and showing how we came through it.


Hopefully it’s something lovely for SB to see too; not only some adorable shots of her, but it’s something for her to be proud of too, and what a claim to fame – she made her first TV appearance at just a year old! She was a born star – she loved the camera!

But my favourite part has to be after all the filming had finished, when the editor emailed me to ask how I’d gotten on in my uni results. I got Daf to snap a quick picture of me and SB with my results letter, and emailed it across. Words can’t even explain my pride at seeing the picture at the end of the show, with those words underneath it and my two proudest achievements right there – getting a 1st in my degree, and most importantly of all, our beautiful, funny, healthy, intelligent daughter.

If the show made our lives seem pretty damn good… that’s because right now, they are.


If you missed the episode and would like to see it, it’s available on 5 On Demand, here.

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