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I’ll be honest, I’m a little stumped on this one. I’m a bit of an “open book” personality – not through choice, but purely because I don’t have the filters to actually stop me from coming out with all my secrets. I’m great at keeping other people’s secrets, but my own? Rubbish.

So, a secret about me. Umm…

Okay. I love being a mum. Not super keen on pregnancy, but I enjoyed birth and I love motherhood… after the first six months. I found the first six months with SB a real struggle as postnatal depression kicked my ass a bit and I felt lonely and isolated. Once she became more of a little person as opposed to a tiny newborn, it was great and I felt like I really settled into parenthood, but I didn’t enjoy the first six months.

Which is why when we have another baby, I’d take maybe six weeks of maternity leave, to recover physically, and then Daf would take over and take the extended parental leave. I’m so glad they’ve introduced shared parental leave because it’s perfect for families like mine, where postnatal depression is an issue and it’s not just assumed that the mum takes to motherhood instantly. Going back to uni the September after SB was born restored my sanity.

It’s not so much a secret as a taboo subject, because mums aren’t supposed to have these feelings, but I’m all about the honesty, so there we go! Maybe the more of us who talk about this, the more we’ll reduce the stigma of postnatal depression. I had no problem bonding with SB – my problem was with adjusting to parenthood. Maybe next time it’ll be easier, but we’ve got this contingency plan just in case.

Ooh, today’s #Blogtober16 challenge was a tough one!

What would you spend your winnings on if you won the lottery? 


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4 thoughts on “A Secret About Me: #Blogtober16

  • Sarah HP

    This is a really tough title isn’t it! I think your experience is really common, I remember the early days with my first child being so emotional and overwhelming and not at all rosy. Second time around with my twins my experience was very different maybe because I had more help. Having a job as well as being a mum does help to keep me sane.

  • Kat

    Post natal depression does need to be talked about and shared, just to help some that are struggling know that it happens and that they can get help and they can get better from it! Such an important message to share.

  • Kim Carberry

    I found the first few months a struggle too with both of my girls.
    It sounds like the parental leave would work really well for your family….My fella and I didn’t have that option years ago.

  • Anne

    We should talk about it, it shouldn’t be taboo. I had terrible post natal depression after my first, I wanted a baby so bad but when he came along he dominated my life and everything was turned upside down. I loved him so much and felt like such a bad mother. Then I accidentally got pregnant again when he was six months old and suddenly my hormones kicked in and the depression just lifted. Strangely I never experienced it again even though I went on to have four more children.