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Two concerts spring to mind for today’s prompt.

The first concert I ever went to see with Daf was Train, our favourite band. Weirdly, lots of people give you blank looks when you mention the band’s name, but if you say “Drops of Jupiter” or “Hey Soul Sister”, the look of realisation dawns! This was an amazing concert – for us, the Wolverhampton Civic Hall seemed like a big crowd, but Pat (the lead singer) said it was one of the most intimate venues they’d played, so they even did an unplugged version of “Feels Good At First”, which was AMAZING!

The other best concert was Idina Menzel. At risk of sounding like a hipster, before everyone loved her in Frozen, we loved her in Wicked and RENT, and this concert was incredible. Getting to meet her after the concert and get a signature and a photo was even more incredible! She was so funny and down to earth during the concert – she just chatted to the audience like we were friends, it was brilliant.


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One thought on “Favourite Concert: #Blogtober16

  • Rebecca

    I’ll be honest and say I’d never heard of Idina Menzel before Frozen but I’ve since heard some her songs and she’s amazing!! How lucky were you to get to meet her as well!

    As for Train… was it them that sang Details be By? I loved that song.