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Ah, one of my favourite subjects – tattoos! And body piercings, of course, but that’s a nice easy one to get out of the way now.

I don’t have any piercings! None whatsoever. I had my ears pierced when I was 9 but I didn’t bother wearing my earrings much and the holes closed up. I don’t think the holes were big enough so having earrings in was always very painful. I’m not bothered about earrings, or any other body piercings for that matter.

Now then, tattoos. I love getting a new tattoo. Choosing a design; the noise of the machine, the smell of a tattoo studio – I love it. I currently have five tattoos, and about a bajillion ideas for more. I don’t have good pictures of all of them, but here’s a run-through of my tattoos.



This is perhaps my least-favourite tattoo; I designed it myself and it’s a very simple, sweet butterfly, but I think everyone has butterflies these days and it’s in a noticable place (my wrist) so I’m going to get it covered up with something else – possibly holly, to signify the English translation of SB’s real name.



On the back of one of my shoulders, I have a little red balloon. It’s the symbol of Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and means a lot to me. They saved my life when I was little, and looked after my brother before he died, so it was the obvious choice as my first ever tattoo.



On the other shoulder, I have a baseball meteorite. Sounds like an odd design, but it makes sense. Instead of getting something that was obviously a tribute to a boyfriend (never a great idea!), I wanted something subtle. Daf writes fiction, and in his main sci-fi series, there is a character based on me. She loves baseball and supports a team with a baseball meteorite as the logo – so I got the logo tattooed on me, and I love it.




Little bit of backstory to this one; I have a scar on my tummy. It’s a very big scar; I had emergency surgery when I was little and, long story short, they didn’t have time to put me back together all pretty and neat. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the scar over the years; a lot of the time I felt ashamed of it. This tattoo makes sure I don’t feel ashamed; I decided to get a “cut along the dotted line” symbol so I see it and laugh, rather than feeling embarrassed.


Willow Tree


This tattoo is on my thigh, and it’s a beautiful willow tree design. I love this tattoo. For me, it symbolizes the strength of people with EDS. Though the willow tree appears weak because it waves around in the wind, it is actually one of the strongest trees in any storm because of how flexible it is, and I think that’s such a strong allegory for people with EDS and hypermobility, which is why this tattoo means so much to me.


So there we go; a brief run-through of my tattoos and lack of piercings! I love getting ink, and can’t wait to get more!


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