What’s In A Name?: #Blogtober16


Now this is a post I can get my teeth into.

The fridge and handbag ones were fun, but my backpack and fridge really aren’t that interesting. This is a question I get asked a lot – The Speed Bump isn’t a conventional “mummy blog” name, I suppose – and the answer is a story that I really do enjoy telling.


My parents weren’t thrilled that I got pregnant at 19 (that’s putting it lightly). They thought it was an end to all my dreams and ambitions; that I’d drop out of uni and not achieve everything I wanted to. In short, they thought I’d put a big stop sign in the middle of the road.

It took a while, but I eventually built up the courage to believe in myself, and to tell myself that I could still achieve everything I wanted. So I told my parents –

This pregnancy is not a stop sign. It’s a speed bump. 

I hadn’t even realised the irony at the time of calling it a speed “bump”, but the name stuck, and the blog was born. It reflects my attitude through the crazy journey I’ve been on for the last three years.

Pregnancy has most definitely not been a stop sign – it’s just been a bump (literally!) in the road.


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