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One of the first things I did when I found out I was pregnant; before I’d even set up The Speed Bump, was look for other young parent bloggers. I wanted to read other people’s experiences; to be inspired and reassured that everything was going to be alright. At that point, there weren’t a huge number of young parent bloggers to choose from.

Thankfully, there are a lot more of us around these days, sharing our experiences and serving as a reminder to young parents everywhere that you’re not alone. I’ve put together a list of bloggers who became parents under 25 – some in their early twenties, some in their teens – making this the perfect resource for young parents in need of inspiration, young parents-to-be wanting reassurance, parents who’ve found out their child is about to become a young parent, professionals working with parents under 25 or anyone with an interest in the lives of those who start their families younger than usual.


The University Mum. Hannah fell pregnant at 17, and now blogs about juggling parenthood with studying towards her degree. Through her blog she hopes to offer advice and inspiration to mums wanting to continue with higher education.

Sophie Ella And Me. Emma started her gorgeous blog almost two years ago, to document life with a family and all the things they get up to along the way. You can read one of Emma’s posts about being a young mum here.

Mum’s Space. Tara’s blog captures the lives and records the memories of a young family, from days on the beach to exploring the countryside. Although their lives are hectic and at times stressful, they make it work, and are living their happily ever after.

Mumconventional. Fern had a baby at the age of 20, and blogs about life with her adorable son Oscar, and the ups and downs of parenthood. Read Fern’s post about being a young mum here.

Emily and IndianaEmily is 23, and mum to Indiana and Parker – born when she was 20 and 21 respectively. She blogs about their lives as a family.

Tracking TwentyKirsty’s son was born in October 2016 and, at 21 and fresh out of university, she’s never felt so out of her depth. Her blog features all the trials and tribulations that come with being a new young mum, her struggles and triumphs, and the products that make life a little bit easier for her.

Babies and Beauty. Emily had her sons Noah and Patrick at 21 and 23. She blogs at Babies and Beauty, where she speaks about the highs and lows of motherhood, from newborns with chickenpox to babies in NICU.

Busy Baby Happy BabyBusy Baby Happy Baby is the brainchild of two young mums, Jade and Shanice. They share fun activity suggestions for young mums and their babies, with new posts every week, and they’re planning future workshops and young mum groups.

Everything Mummy. Amy became a mum at 18, and blogs about all the ups and downs of life with her three beautiful girls. You can read her post on life as a young mum here.

Georgina Clarke. Georgina is a new mum to a lovely little boy called Rory. Her blog documents her time as a first-time mummy and all the highs and lows that go along with it.

New Young Mum. Alice is mum to 3-year-old Amelia and shares lifestyle, crafting & recipe posts.

Lala and the Lads. Lala and the Lads is a new blog from a young mum documenting life with her son, and another on the way!

Max and MummyLaura had her son Max when she was 20, and has written plenty of blog posts about the highs and lows of being a young parent. She also worked with the Equality & Human Rights Commission to create the Power To The Bump campaign against pregnancy discrimination!

Dear Mummy Bear. Claire blogs about all things parenting – reviews, lifestyle, the reality of parenthood and happenings from life with her little boy.

Mummy To The MaxHelen was 20 when her son, Max, was born. She blogs about parenting, lifestyle, budgeting and money saving.

Life As MumBeth had her first child at sixteen, and now blogs about life with her three children. She wrote a fantastic post about being a young mum here.

Life With Mrs Lee. After becoming a mum at 19, Harriet now runs a gorgeous family and lifestyle blog.

The Lazy MammaPaighton is a lifestyle, parenting and food blogger, as well as a entrepreneur, all whilst on a journey of weight loss. She is 20 years old and married with a eight month old who is her world!

MumsWorld. I think Leandra is awesome. She had twins aged 19, finished her degree, worked and will be adding a little girl to her family very soon! She started blogging in January and publishes new posts every Sunday!

The Speed Bump. Okay, yes, this one is me! Hopefully if you’ve read this far you’re already following my blog, but just in case… I became a mum at 19, and since then I’ve blogged about balancing a full time degree with pregnancy and parenting, and adjusting to adulthood!


Are you a young parent blogger? Want to be added to the list? Email for details. 

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