[REVIEW] Something Special – Mr Tumble Toys!


If your child is anything like mine, they probably can’t get enough of Something Special and Mr Tumble. It’s one of the kids’ shows I actually don’t mind watching – unlike many of the repetitive, banal shows kids’ TV has to offer these days, I actually find myself learning things from Something Special, and Justin Fletcher is far more bearable than most of the presenters on Cbeebies! It doesn’t sound like high praise but trust me, it is – a lot of these TV shows, I find myself having to grit my teeth through. SB’s currently having a Mr Tumble marathon on iPlayer as I write this, and I’m picking up new signs and not wanting to throw something at the telly!

So, when we were asked if we’d be interested in reviewing the new range of Something Special toys from Golden Bear, we didn’t hesitate in saying yes! I was so excited for these to arrive – SB loves Mr Tumble, so I knew she’d be thrilled to see them!

The first toy we reviewed was the Mr Tumble With Fun Sounds Tumble TapThis is suitable for children from 10 months and over, and it’s absolutely adorable. SB loves how the nose lights up, and the sounds and songs from the Tumble Tap keep her amused for ages. It’s suitable for a wide age range. SB loves singing along to the songs, and younger toddlers will love the funny noises and soft body.

He’s super bright and colourful, with a very friendly face, and the sounds are nice and clear, making it easy to hear what he’s saying. The design is immediately recognisable as Mr Tumble! His bow tie and hair provide different textures, so it’s great for children who are just getting to grips with different materials and love those kinds of tactile toys.

Fair warning for parents – if there’s an off-switch, we haven’t found it yet (and we’ve looked, because as adorable and entertaining as these toys are, there’s only so much Mr Tumble that any sane parent can take). This really is the only criticism I have of the Mr Tumble with Tumble Tap toy, because at £29.99, it’s a fantastic price for a toy that will keep the little one entertained for hours on end (literally, hours. SB could sit and listen to the “Friends” song on repeat for ages).


The other toy we received was Mr Tumble’s Spotty Bag. If you’ve watched Something Special, you’ll know that Mr Tumble would be incomplete without his Spotty Bag!  The recommended age is 3+, which I think is because of the strap – obviously it could be a choking hazard with younger children, and the clasp snaps shut quite quickly, so it’s worth watching out for little hands when they’re opening and closing the strap! The strap is adjustable, though, making it easy to adjust for taller or shorter children.

The bag itself is lovely and soft, with textured spots adding to the tactile feel of all the toys in the Something Special range. It’s bright and highly stimulating. The textured spots are bumpy, silky, fluffy and corduroy, and in different colours, making it a great educational toy as well as stimulating their imagination and letting them pretend to be Mr Tumble! There’s a decent amount of space in the bag too – SB is currently using it to carry her doctors kit around the flat!


Five cards come inside the bag, featuring Makaton signs. Whether you already use Makaton with your child, or would like them to learn a few signs to make communicating with others easier, it’s fantastic that learning the signs has been integrated with play in such a way. I’m a big believer in learning through play, so any toys like this get my seal of approval. This one get’s SB’s seal of approval too! At £14.99 RRP it won’t break the bank, and it’s a perfect Christmas or birthday present for any Mr Tumble-mad little one!

These toys are so well-made, bright and colourful and very appealing to children! We’ve loved reviewing the Something Special toys, and I’m sure you’ll love them too! To see the full range, head over to the Golden Bear website.




We received these products free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All views are our honest opinions of the products. 

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