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It’s time for another entry in the #BloggersInLove series! Today we’ve got a Relationship Interview with the lovely Natalie from Diary of an Unexpectant Mother! You know me, I love blogs about surprise pregnancy and all the world-turning-upside-down craziness that goes along with it, so it’s no surprise that I love Natalie’s blog!

1)  What are yours and your other half’s names? 

I’m Natalie and he is ‘R’ on the blog. I like to keep a little bit of mystery 😉


2)   How long have you been together? 

We just celebrated our 7 year anniversary in November. When I say celebrated, I mean we sat at home and did nothing. Because we’ve been together 7 years and have a child.


3)   How did you meet? 

We were at uni together in Sheffield, studying hospitality business management, but he did a slightly different branch so we only got to know each other in final year because our housemates were really good friends. We used to sit next to each other in Monday morning seminars. He was a good boy, and I was always there with a stinking hangover. He used to draw on me.


4)   Who asked who out, and how? 

I think it was a sort of mutual thing. I can’t be entirely sure. We had been out at the Nursery Tavern on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield and our group had drunk the pub dry of rum. There was crying, an argument and a drunken kiss on a bench in his pitch black back yard. The next day I was so hungover I couldn’t even keep water down. Romance from the beginning!


5)   Do you have any cute/funny/embarrassing pet names for each other? 

Strangely no, but one of my friends goes insane at the ‘baby voice’. But all couples do that, right?


6)  What’s your favourite memory together? 

We got engaged recently, but probably when we found out we were having Oliver. He was really excited and I was a hormonal confused mess. It makes me laugh every time. I was such a drama queen and he totally calmed me. Our engagement was pretty special too, we were at a lighthouse looking out an a beautiful bay in Spain near my Dad’s house, Oliver was there too. I was so shocked I actually said ‘are you joking?’ and didn’t answer for a while. Then Oliver got something in his shoe and parental life resumed.


7)  Do they have any habits that annoy you?

He leaves his socks everywhere. I sometimes find them down the sides of the sofa. Sometimes they’re just in the middle of the living room, or next to the front door. Or even on the kitchen floor (our washing machine isn’t in the kitchen, just in case you’re thinking it makes sense to put them there). That and when he says he’s going in the shower but still hasn’t got in the shower after half an hour because he’s sitting on the toilet. He always needs a poo straight after dinner too. Obviously.


8)   Are you planning on getting married? If you answered “yes”, when? If you answered “no”, why not? 

Yes! We get married in March, we actually have a planning meeting with our coordinator coming up. I even have my wedding dress in the wardrobe.


9)   What is the secret to a successful relationship in your opinion? 

3 C’s – Compromise, Communication and staying Calm. We’ve always discussed any big decisions (except having a baby when we did, that was kind of a surprise) and we both make compromises. He stopped working away so much when Oliver was born because I told him I couldn’t cope without him. He’s been amazing. We hardly ever have proper arguments and never really shout. There’s an occasional raised voice but never shouting. Living in the South is the biggest compromise that I made, which I think is a pretty huge one. I don’t get to see my friends so much these days, but I know he appreciates that I made that compromise. It’s only taken me 6 years to agree that we won’t be moving back up North eventually – he’s still surprised that I’ve finally accepted living down here.

That’s some excellent relationship advice there! I can totally empathise with doing absolutely nothing on your anniversary – Daf and I celebrated six years together on New Year’s Eve, and I say “celebrated” very loosely. We sat and ate pizza and watched the fireworks on TV. That’s about as celebratory as it gets when you’re knackered from a wedding, a honeymoon and performing in panto in the space of two weeks!

Thanks so much for taking part, Natalie! Good luck and enjoy the last few months of wedding planning!

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