Bluestone: Day Three

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Wednesday was forecast to be the nicest day of the week, so we made plans to go and explore Pembrokeshire, with Tenby, Pendine and Laugharne on the list of places we wanted to go. After breakfast, we jumped on the bus which took us to the car park. The driver recommended the best car park for us, directly by South Beach, so away we went.

The bus driver’s recommendation was a good one; the car park in Tenby was deserted and directly overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen! We stood at the top and took a few pictures, before heading down onto the beach itself. Tenby is absolutely gorgeous; I didn’t know much about it but it’s full of brightly-coloured B&Bs and guest houses, with beautiful cobbled streets and so much to see. After letting SB have a run on the beach while we flexed our photography muscles, we all went for a hot chocolate in the South Beach cafe. It’s a beautiful, modern-looking building with a rustic seaside interior, all driftwood and mismatched chairs and AMAZING hot chocolate – I highly recommend it!

I was looking forward to gluten free fish and chips, but the chip shop that does it was closed, so the search continues! By this point, we were freezing cold and the wind had tossed us this way and that, so the thought of a forty minute drive for more of the same at Pendine and Laugharne didn’t really appeal. We jumped in the car and headed back to Bluestone for an afternoon in the Blue Lagoon.

I know I’m keeping you waiting for this Blue Lagoon review but trust me, it’s worth it! We spent another hour and a half in there on Wednesday, before heading out for dinner.

The majority of our holiday has been self-catered, where we’ve cooked for ourselves, but we wanted to try the restaurant – for review purposes, of course… – so we went to the Knight’s Tafarn, after calling up Guest Services to check that they had gluten-free options. They did – several, in fact! – and they printed off a list for us before we went in, so I could check it against the menu.

We all loved the Knight’s Tafarn. It wasn’t just the food – it was themed like a medieval pub, with log burners and shields on the wall and suits of armour dotted around. It felt like a proper old tavern, and the food was incredible. The price wasn’t bad, either – all three of us were fed and watered for just over £25, so it’s definitely doable on a budget if you want a meal out while you’re on holiday!

I had the pulled pork, chorizo and butterbean casserole with rice. Butterbeans aren’t something I’ve tried before, and the fact that they’re vegetables was a little off-putting, but I tried them and the entire meal was absolutely gorgeous! Often with coeliac you’re limited to a jacket potato or maybe a chicken tikka, but there was a lot of choice with regards to meals and sides, and their allergy information is really clear and useful. SB and Daf shared sausage and mash and the children’s fish and chips – and by “shared”, I mean SB wanted to try Daf’s so they swapped halfway through, and both gave their meals a big thumbs up!

After dinner, we made our way down the nature trail for the “light thingy” (I’m still not quite sure what the actual name is, all the signs refer to a “light thingy” so I’m going along with it!). This was incredible, a real highlight of the week. It’s hard to describe in words so I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but if you’re visiting Bluestone before the end of March, it’s a must-see. Wrap up warm, take your torch and take some time to look inside the windows of the fairy houses! It’s so well thought out.

We headed back up to outside the Knight’s Tafarn, where apparently there was supposed to be another light show, but it didn’t seem to be working – the music was interspersed with computer error sounds, and there was a projector which didn’t seem to be turned on, so after a while I think they gave up. We were disappointed, but it didn’t take away from how fantastic the lights along the nature walk were, and we decided to try and see it on Thursday instead.

Then it was back to the lodge for a good night’s sleep, in preparation for our final full day at Bluestone on Thursday!

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