We Tied The Knot!

Almost a year ago, I published a blog post on here about the fact that we’d decided to get married. If I remember rightly, we were hoping to do it in December, but nothing had been set in stone, and I was hoping it wouldn’t be like the previous few times we’d toyed with the idea of tying the knot – a few weeks of creating Pinterest boards, but nothing really coming of it.

On December 18th, Daf and I got married. Our planning actually paid off this time, and we are now Mr and Mrs! I wanted to do a blog post about the wedding because… well, because this blog has documented our lives for the last three years, and this is about as big as life events get! Plus, if you have any doubts about having your toddler at your wedding, I’m here to help you put those doubts to bed.

We had the most amazing day. All the planning and the stresses paid off, because the day itself was stress-free. Even waking up on the morning of the wedding, I felt strangely relaxed. All the way through the hair and make-up and getting dressed, which is when a lot of brides say they’re panicking or nervous, I just felt calm. The hotel manager popped in to introduce himself and see how we were getting on, and I only had two questions – “Has the cake arrived, and has Daf arrived?” (priorities!). Once he’d reassured me that both had arrived, that was it – I was pretty relaxed, up until it was time to get into my dress. That’s when the nerves and the reality kicked in, but I still didn’t feel nervous.

Everyone has visions of how their wedding day will go, and anything short of perfection carries the risk of resulting in massive meltdowns. I definitely had visions of walking down the aisle. I was walking to “Romantic Flight”, a beautiful piece of music from the movie ‘How To Train Your Dragon’. I could see SB walking down the aisle like an angelic flower girl, going to stand with her nan & granddad and behaving impeccably throughout the service.

The reality was different. It had been almost twenty-four hours since SB had seen Daf at this point, so when she realised he was just down the corridor, she wanted to see him now. People were trying to hold her back, but I urged them to let her go – I appreciated the effort, but the last thing I wanted was for her to be screaming because they’d wound her up so much! So in the end, she was already with Daf when I walked in, and then decided that she wanted me, so I walked down the aisle to a combination of this beautiful music and SB crying and shouting “Mummy, Mummy…”. Usual bridal ettiquette dictates that I should have gotten upset or angry or thrown a hissy fit, but in the grand scheme of things it really didn’t matter, and didn’t even occur to me to be angry. It didn’t ruin anything. The registrar became our best friend for giving SB a packet of jelly sweets to keep her quiet, which did the trick, and she sat with my parents while the wedding got underway.

It couldn’t have been more perfect. The lovely thing was how relaxed it was. Once SB had calmed down with her jelly sweets, she wandered around through the service, going to see various friends and family members. She was quite happy to wander, we were quite happy to let her and it made for a really relaxed, fun ceremony. Before we knew it, that was it! We were married, and walking out to “How Long Will I Love You” by Jon Boden (the fun, upbeat version from “About Time”, not the Ellie Goulding version).

Everyone warned us how fast the day would go, but it seemed to be a perfect pace. We didn’t want it to end, but it didn’t feel rushed or dragged out in any way. We couldn’t have asked for a better venue – it was decorated beautifully for Christmas, and we had the most beautiful weather of the winter so far – we definitely got lucky with the weather that day! – making for some beautiful photos by the lake.

After dinner – Christmas dinner, of course! – and speeches – we shook things up a little by having me speak instead of Daf, my mum speak instead of my dad and a fantastic speech by Chris, our best man – it was time to really let our hair down and enjoy an evening of fun with family and friends. We had a photobooth, a sweet buffet and the obligatory disco – the songs we danced to still bring a smile to my face when we hear them! Our first dance was to “500 Miles” by the Proclaimers – but the version from Sunshine on Leith that starts with a nice slow-dance bit, not the Proclaimers version! Everyone joined us on the dance floor halfway through, and then I don’t think the dance floor was empty after that!

One of the best things was that most of our guests were staying at the hotel that night with us, so we all ate breakfast together the next morning. Of course, this was great in theory. We accidentally set the fire alarm off after leaving the party a little early to go up to the honeymoon suite and… well, y’know, showers get steamy sometimes. We thought maybe we’d just set the alarm off in our room – although it did make for a hilarious encounter when one of the young night staff members came running up to check there was no fire in our room and walked in to see my wedding dress and various items strewn across the floor. He turned bright red and couldn’t have gotten out of that room faster!

It turns out, we set the alarm off hotel-wide – we came down to breakfast the next morning to a chorus of “Your Sex Is On Fire” from all our guests who’d stayed over. We never do anything by halves – at least it’s a wedding night story we’ll never forget!

Our photographer (Forget Me Knot photography) was absolutely fantastic, and captured some cracking photos – especially of SB! Here’s a few of our favourites.

Having SB there was fantastic. We never had any doubts that we wanted her there, but even though there were tears and tantrums, she really made the day special – it wouldn’t have been right without her. In the grand scheme of things, she was very well behaved – it was a big day, after all! She danced with us for hours, finally falling asleep on some comfy chairs at the back of the room at about 10pm. I’d definitely rank this as one of the best things about having a baby at a young age – being able to have your child at your wedding. Take that, societal norms.

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