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Welcome to Student Parent Stories, part of The Student Parent Survival Guide! Here I’ll be featuring stories, anecdotes and experiences from parents at all stages of education – whether they’re studying currently, have already finished or are considering it!

Today’s guest blog comes from Amy, who blogs at Eps And Amy, and was kind enough to guest post about balancing parenting, studying AND work!

Just when I thought I had cracked the home-work balance, working 3 days a week 9.30-2.30 while the kids are at school and spending my 2 days off catching up on housework, I decided to spice it up a bit by starting a college course!

I work for my parents (at Newlife Paints we sell recycled interior emulsion paint, check it out if you are eco minded) so my work life has been really flexible for years now, if the kids are ill they either come in with me or I can take the day off no questions asked (and full pay). But we decided that it would be useful for the business if I took a bit more of an active role in the running of it, so we booked me in for an Accountancy course at the local college.

I thought one day a week wouldn’t be too bad, my husband only works Monday-Thursday so he was around to take the children to school and pick them up so it was really conveniently timed for us. I didn’t, however, consider homework or revising for exams. I have definitely been finding it quite stressful. I suffer from anxiety and what troubles me the most is the cost of the course and the fact it is only one day a week, if I am ill that day then I will miss a large percentage of our work (we have 4/5 days of lessons between each exam, so missing a day is about 20% of our learning missed) and this is causing my anxiety to sky-rocket every week.

My home life has also been affected by starting college, not only is my anxiety making me a bit more short tempered with the children, but I am trying to use my days off to do homework/revision so the housework is getting behind, I find I am doing housework later into the evenings so am not getting any time to relax and we all know you need a bit of me time every now and then.

Let’s just say I’m glad it is a 1 year course, I don’t think I could face doing another year after.

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