Children’s Farm Park, Llanfair (REVIEW)

One of the advantages to growing up in a tourist area is that when you go back to visit, you’re never short on things to do. Whether it’s local attractions or a trip to the beach, it’s hard for SB to be bored around here. When we visited for her third birthday celebrations, on a sunny Easter bank holiday, we knew where we wanted to go. For her first birthday, we all visited the Children’s Farm Park at Cae Cethin in Llanfair, near Harlech – so we decided to do the same for her third.

The farm park is a bit of a family tradition. There are pictures in my parents’ photo albums of me at the farm, feeding goats and chickens, when I was SB’s age and even younger. We’ve been going for years and years. It’s just down the road from my childhood home. Daf used to work there, so it’s a place with lots of memories attached for both of us!

At first glance, the Children’s Farm Park doesn’t look like much – a collection of sheds and a wooden play castle on what is, to all intents and purposes, a normal working farm. However, first impressions are deceptive. The owner is constantly developing new attractions to make the farm park a fantastic day out for the whole family.

I’d say Spring is the best time to visit the farm park, as it’s full of new baby animals. We saw baby goats running around, bottle-fed baby lambs and saw a group of seven-day-old baby rabbits cuddled together. The “aww” factor is very strong!

There are also pigs, calves, ponies, ducks, geese, chickens and more. You can buy bags of feed from the entrance for only 40p a bag, and it’s lovely to be able to feed all of the animals. They’re gentle and tame, making it great for young children, and the staff are happy to talk to you about the animals and to let you feed them – as seen above, where SB bottle-fed a lamb -, hold the rabbits and so on.

In addition to the animals, there are plenty of activities to turn what could be a couple of hours around the animal pens into a full day out. Additions like an indoor soft play, air cannon game, go-karts, ride-on tractors, a little crazy golf and a big sandpit full of buckets and spades makes it perfect for toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary school children. If you’re in the area on holiday and you’re looking for an inexpensive way to entertain the family, I can’t recommend the Children’s Farm Park enough.

One of the newest additions to the farm park is a huge wooden play castle, which has proved very popular on both occasions that we’ve visited this year! SB loves clambering up the steps and coming down the great slides; big enough to entertain even older children, but safe enough that I was happy for 3-year-old SB to play on it too (okay, and might have had a go too… but only to supervise, honest!)

The farm park is really easy to reach – it’s on the main road from Barmouth to Harlech, so if you’re staying anywhere in that area of Snowdonia, it would make a fantastic family day out. Take a picnic with you and sit in the picnic barn, take your cameras, buy a few bags of feed and enjoy!

I have not received anything for this review; we enjoyed our visit to the Children’s Farm Park and I decided to write a review off my own back. 

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