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One of the first birthday presents I ever bought Daf after we started going out was a star.

That makes me sound way more awesome than I actually am. Although the present won major Girlfriend Points for me, by “I bought a star” I mean I named a star after him. Since then we’ve wanted to get a star for SB, but we’ve never quite gotten around to it because of one thing or another.

Star Name Registry very kindly gave us the opportunity to name a star. The company has a range of packages that make perfect gifts for your loved ones. It’s something unique, and definitely not something you’ll find on the high street! I love unique gifts like this. You have the ability to choose the constellation your star will be in, as well as the name and a special date to attach to it.

You can have the star package delivered by post for free – it arrives very quickly and, if you order before 2:45pm, it will be dispatched the same day – or, if you need a gift quickly, you can choose to have the basic star name deed delivered by email. This makes it really easy to buy a special, personalised gift without having to wait anxiously for the postman!

We were sent the Extra Bright Gift Set (worth £44.99) to review. The star name deed came in a lovely silver gift box with light blue tissue paper, two wooden roses and some information sheets. The gift is presented beautifully and I’d be very happy paying that amount for it, as I think it’s worth it for the special extra touches.

The information sheets include explanations of the “extra bright” and “binary” star types, both of which are stars you can name through Star Name Registry; a Sky Atlas star map which is fascinating if you’re a space nerd like I am; and a letter with instructions on how to find your star on Google Sky, which I think is a lovely added touch! Just naming a star after someone is a lovely gift, but giving them the opportunity to find it for themselves? I think that’s awesome.

I chose a star in the constellation Orion, because that’s where Daf’s star is registered too. We named the star after SB, and chose her date of birth for the special date to be registered alongside it. I think that’s another lovely touch, making it a perfect birthday present in particular.

I hope our family and friends are prepared – I was so impressed with the quality of the gift package from Star Name Registry that I think they’ll all be getting stars named after them for their birthdays and Christmas! It’s certainly something different; a quirky gift that will appeal to sentimentalists and space geeks alike (or people like me, who are both!).

Check out the Star Name Registry website to see what they offer and to find that perfect present for someone special.

We were sent an Extra Bright Star Gift Set for the purposes of this review. All thoughts are my own. 



I’ve collaborated with Star Name Registry to offer my readers the chance to win an Extra Bright Star Package, worth £24.99 (this one here).

Star Name Registry Extra Bright Star (worth £24.99) Giveaway!

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