Adjusting to life after university and parenthood.

Slummy Mummies? We’re Just Being Honest

Say what you like about bloggers, we’ve got one thing right – the community. When you attack one parenting blogger, you attack us all. When you make a half-hearted attempt to disguise personal attacks on parenting bloggers as “journalism”, you’d better believe that we’re going to respond. If you’re not […]

I Want To Hear Your Birth Story 1 Comment

Dear Mums. No-one Wants To Read Your Birth Story.  Don’t Tell Your Birth Story, Because Birth Stories Are Boring.  Telling A Birth Story Makes You A Smug Mummy.  These are all titles of articles I’ve seen promoted or posted on popular parenting websites. Until I had the idea for this […]

Will We Choose Welsh-Medium Education?

  One thing I’ve always said with absolute certainty, from as soon as I was pregnant, was that SB would be educated through the medium of Welsh. It seemed like a no-brainer. Daf and I were both educated in Welsh-medium schools, where we spoke and learned in Welsh until the […]


In March 2014, we got the keys to a new two-bedroom flat. To many, it wouldn’t have seemed like much, but it was our first private rent. The first place either of us had lived that wasn’t with parents or student accommodation. The place we’d be bringing our newborn baby […]

Dads Are Asking For Help, And We Need To Listen 2 Comments

There’s been a discussion in the media recently about men who develop depression after the birth of their child. The crux of the debate centres on whether or not this can be called “postnatal depression”. As with most internet debates, there’s no overriding consensus. There are arguments for and against, […]