Adjusting to life after university and parenthood.

To My Daughter, On The Eve Of Your Third Birthday

Dear SB, These letters are becoming something of an annual tradition, and one that I’m happy to keep going for as long as I can. On the eve of your first birthday, I wrote a letter of advice for the future. On your second, I wrote a letter reflecting on […]

The Advice I’d Give Myself…

As SB’s third birthday approaches, it brings with it another milestone. It’s almost three years since our lives turned upside down, and we went from being average university students – albeit one of us resemblingĀ a manatee with a giant bump – to first-time parents, basically making it up as we […]

We Are Enough

I have been a mother for almost three years now. Aside from being an utterly terrifying thought, as I don’t feel old enough to be a mum, let alone mum to a three-year-old, it’s made me think about parenting so far. I hate using the term “journey” to describe anything […]

Potty Training: Hitting A Standstill

This series of posts is in collaboration with Potty Training Academy. I knew potty training would be tough. We’ve hit a standstill. The majority of that is my fault. SB is still resisting the potty for all she’s worth, but we’re rushed off our feet at the moment. We’re moving […]

Potty Training: The First Week 1 Comment

This is a series of posts in collaboration with Potty Training Academy. Potty training the untrainable toddler begins… We’re working on potty training SB at the moment, with resources from Potty Training Academy and a potty from My Carry Potty. I haven’t been confident about our prospects – as you […]