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What Do Young Parents Need? 9 Comments

Contrary to what you might read in the comments of a Daily Mail article, the answer to that question is not “a job”, “a kick up the arse” or “forcible sterilization”, charming as those suggestions may be. Attitudes are slowly changing, but society still has a major attitude problem towards […]

What’s In A Name?: #Blogtober16

Now this is a post I can get my teeth into. The fridge and handbag ones were fun, but my backpack and fridge really aren’t that interesting. This is a question I get asked a lot – The Speed Bump isn’t a conventional “mummy blog” name, I suppose – and the answer […]

Losing A Baby You Didn’t Try For 12 Comments

This blog post was originally posted over on Huffington Post. People are always sceptical when you tell them that your pregnancy was unplanned. They say “But contraception is so readily available! But surely you know what happens if you have unprotected sex?!”. When I found out I was pregnant with […]

Name Popularity: Does It Matter? 25 Comments

Oliver and Amelia topped the list for boys and girls respectively, for the third year in a row; Pop culture has affected naming trends (there are 69 girls called Khaleesi, for example); the Daily Mail is whining because there’s lots of babies called Muhammed, and all over the country, mums and dads to be are unhappy.

18 Weeks – Emma’s Diary can do one…

WEEK 18 ACCORDING TO EMMA’S DIARY Enjoy a lovely relaxing bubble bath. Feel baby moving. Get shouted at by husband’s mum because you haven’t written a comprehensive colour-coded birth plan yet.   WEEK 18 ACCORDING TO ME Don’t have a bath. Might be getting one in new house, but not […]