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Star Name Registry (REVIEW & GIVEAWAY) 33 Comments

One of the first birthday presents I ever bought Daf after we started going out was a star. That makes me sound¬†way¬†more awesome than I actually am. Although the present won major Girlfriend Points for me, by “I bought a star” I mean I named a star after him. Since […]

Bluestone: Day Four

So we’ve arrived at the final full day of our Bluestone break, and the post I’ve kept you waiting for all week – our review of the Blue Lagoon Waterpark! We were looking forwards to the Blue Lagoon after hearing lots about it from my family, who did a day […]

Bluestone: Day Two

To read Part One of our Bluestone Review, click here. Tuesday was our first full day at Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Our plan for the day was really to explore the park and see what facilities are available for free – after all, we’re doing this […]

Bluestone Wales: Day One

Some families jet off to exotic, sunny beaches; others head to the slopes for a skiing holiday. For us, however, you can’t beat the good old British staycation. We don’t really ‘do’ going abroad (not having passports puts paid to that!), so we’re working our way through UK holiday providers […]

Our Butlins Christmas Familymoon 1 Comment

When it comes to booking a honeymoon, most people have dreams of jetting off somewhere exotic and warm. Think the Maldives, Bora Bora, the Bahamas. If not somewhere hot, it’ll be somewhere with a reputation for romance. Paris, Venice, New York City. How about spending a weekend in an apartment, […]