“F***in’ Knife” and Other Verbal Disasters

It’s great when toddlers start to talk, isn’t it? It’s been a while since I did an update on SB’s development. My monthly updates used to include a section on her language development – from babbling to her first, shaky attempts at putting two barely-understandable words together. I feel like […]

#BloggersInLove with Kirsty Dee 2 Comments

As of December 10th, I am officially on marriage leave¬†okay it’s not a real thing while I run around in a bridezilla tizzy, and then go on honeymoon and enjoy our first Christmas as Mr and Mrs! In the meantime, please enjoy this series of interviews with other awesome bloggers, […]

Give Boobs A Chance: Encouraging Breastfeeding In Young Parents 76 Comments

This is part of a series on the resources and services needed by young parents to improve opportunities, job prospects and outcomes. For the rest of the series, click here.¬† The Facts The UK’s breastfeeding rates are the worst in the world. Approximately 81% of UK mums initiate breastfeeding, but […]


Okay, so Christmas is my favourite time of year. Obviously. I love everything about Christmas. It’s such a nostalgic time of year; it always brings up memories of childhood Christmases, which were amazing in my family. There’s so many lovely things about the festive season; the colours and the cold […]

My Proudest Achievement: #Blogtober16 2 Comments

Ironically, an article I wrote for my old uni’s student magazine was published on this very subject last week, so if you want a more in-depth read, check it out: My Two Proudest Achievements: My Daughter And My Degree Crossing that stage to collect a First class degree, with my […]