18 weeks

18 Weeks – Emma’s Diary can do one…

WEEK 18 ACCORDING TO EMMA’S DIARY Enjoy a lovely relaxing bubble bath. Feel baby moving. Get shouted at by husband’s mum because you haven’t written a comprehensive colour-coded birth plan yet.   WEEK 18 ACCORDING TO ME Don’t have a bath. Might be getting one in new house, but not […]


“It” being me not going to uni. It’s very little to do with willpower or forcing myself to stay in bed and all to do with the fact that they’re rehearsing scenes they don’t need me for today. Once upon a time, I may have been disappointed, but today I […]

Saying “no”.

I’ve no doubt it’s something I’ll need to get better at in years to come when children start asking for this/that/a puppy (as if I’ll be able to say “no” to a puppy!), but I think I may start practicing saying “no” now. I don’t mean to big things, like […]