Our Bluestone Review: Final Thoughts!

If you haven’t already, check out the day-by-day posts from our time at Bluestone National Park Resort: Day One: First Impressions Day Two: Adventure Centre & Circus Room Day Three: Local Area & Dinner Out Day Four: The Blue Lagoon  I have to admit, before coming to Bluestone, I felt […]

Bluestone: Day Two

To read Part One of our Bluestone Review, click here. Tuesday was our first full day at Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Our plan for the day was really to explore the park and see what facilities are available for free – after all, we’re doing this […]

Family Festival Fun At Geronimo!

January, we meet again. From where I’m writing, I can see out of the window. It’s cold, drizzly and grim… typical January weather. Memories of cosy, crisp December days feel like they happened a million years ago, and the warmth and sunshine of summer feels a lifetime away. I like […]

Going Medieval

We’ve just spent a great weekend at Harlech castle in North Wales, taking pictures and dressing up as knights! As I’ve mentioned in the past, D’s family are part of a medieval re-enactment society, who go into castles in Wales and recreate medieval life, with battles and costumes and displays […]

Weathering the storm…

I’ve never experienced so much stress in my entire life. My dissertation is taking place any time during the next two weeks. I’m still feeling bad and the doctors are trying to figure out what’s wrong. D is worried about his own university work, I’m freaking out at the thought […]