Saturday Shopping With SB

This post begins with an appeal. If you ever see me contemplating taking SB shopping on a Saturday afternoon again, please slap me. I don’t care whether you do it virtually or physically, just slap me, and point me in the direction of this blog post. Daf goes to a tabletop gaming […]

Pregnant By Accident, Having a Baby By Choice

Today, courtesy of my amazing mom, I read an article by an American woman called Bee Lavender – you can read it here, at the Guardian website – Young, Gifted and Pregnant. The article resonates with me in many ways. Like Bee, I was the typical “not supposed to get […]

Week Nine or, hormones are a bitch

I had my first hormonal outburst in Week Nine. It was the first of many, as subsequently I’ve cried at just about everything including the Glee Cory Monteith memorial, the fact that my mum was going home yesterday, and the advert on ITV just because it has the song “Nothing’s […]

Week Six

This is the week we found out. I’d ignored all the fairly obvious symptoms – nausea, weeing more often and the one that people really shouldn’t ignore, the all-fabled missed period – because my cycle had always been a little bit crazy. I skipped one in May without any issues, […]