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The Daddy Diaries – Part One: The Pregnancy

Every Tuesday for the next few weeks, my partner Daf will be sharing his side of the journey we’ve been on for the last two years. You’ve read my ramblings, from morning sickness and cravings all the way through to tantrums and teething – now it’s time to see it from a different perspective.

The pros & cons of being the first of your friends to procreate…

CONS The loneliness. Being a young parent is lonely enough, when you feel like you don’t quite belong with the NCT groups or the ladies who take their Boden-clad toddlers out for Babyccinos at Starbucks. When you’re the first of your friendship group to have a child, that loneliness is […]

It’s Tomorrow…

Tomorrow, our episode of “Baby Faced Mums” is on the channel 5*, between 8-9pm. I’m really nervous. I’ll be avoiding Twitter like the plague from about 7:30pm onwards, as the Twitter reaction to last week’s show has been nothing short of disgusting, with people making snap judgements and disgusting comments […]

Holidaying with a Toddler and Exciting Times!

We’ve just returned from our holiday to South Wales, and what a jam-packed week it’s been! Lots to post about, and lots of pictures, but for now I’ll leave you with a little preview and some exciting news! As I mentioned a few months ago, we recently filmed with a […]