CPR Babygrow Now Available Online!

I posted a couple of months ago about the amazing, lifesaving CPR Babygrow from St John’s Ambulance and Tesco – a 3-6 month babygrow designed to teach parents how to perform CPR on their baby, following research that showed that 74% of parents said that their baby not breathing is […]

Life Update: Elf On The Shelf, Wedding Bells & More

You’ll be glad to hear that we’re still an elf-free zone. If you read my post last year, you’ll remember that I just don’t really get it. I don’t like the idea of Santa having spies, I don’t have the motivation to change where he’s sitting every night and the elf is […]

Supporting Parents In Higher Education

This is part of my series on what we can do to support young parents in the UK to realise their full potential and put an end to stigma. For the rest of the series, click here.  A common misconception about young parents is that they lack ambition. One of […]

This Babygrow Could Save Your Child’s Life 12 Comments

Do you know what to do if your baby stops breathing?  It’s not something any of us like to think about, but it’s very important. Last year, research found that only one in four parents would know what to do – and almost three quarters stated that their baby being unable to […]

Name Popularity: Does It Matter? 25 Comments

Oliver and Amelia topped the list for boys and girls respectively, for the third year in a row; Pop culture has affected naming trends (there are 69 girls called Khaleesi, for example); the Daily Mail is whining because there’s lots of babies called Muhammed, and all over the country, mums and dads to be are unhappy.