Student Parenthood: I Don’t Know How I Did It

When I was in my third year at university, juggling the responsibilities of looking after a newborn with the pressures of essay deadlines, I’d often hear “I don’t know how you do it”. My standard response was to smile blithely, shrug my shoulders and say “it’s no big deal”. At […]

The First Born Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely mumisthewordblog¬†on Twitter to take this adorable little quiz/survey/thingimajig all about my first (and so far, only)-born! I wouldn’t have the first clue who to tag on Twitter to do this, but if you like the idea of it, post the quiz on your blog […]

“The Speed Bump” Extract #2 – Top Ten Tips for Birth Partners

Okay, right know she does regret sleeping with you, and she doesn’t ever want to have sex with you again, and she probably does hate your stupid face right now.

Reflections On Two Years of Blogging

I never could have imagined, when I sat down to write that first post, just desperate to get the words out of my head, with an itsy bitsy teeny weeny SB growing in my belly, that the blog would lead me to as many opportunities as it has done.

Learning To Love What I Have: To TTC #2 Or Not?

It seems a lot easier to fall pregnant when you’re not actually trying to – this new world of charting and working out when the best days are and the two week wait was totally alien to me.