A Cephalophobic’s Views On Octonauts

Having exhausted pretty much all of Charlie and Lola on the BBC iPlayer, and with Furchester Hotel over, I am left with no choice but to subject my child to Octonauts. I know everyone raves about this programme, but… seriously? The name itself brings me out in a cold sweat. […]

“Screen-Free Until Three”: Is It Possible?

Everyone else seemed to describe In The Night Garden as some miracle crack for babies, and – although I was a little dubious about giving my child the equivalent of visual heroin – I found a two-hour version on YouTube, and we lay on the bed together and watched.

‘Baby Faced Mums’ – My Thoughts

So, after a pretty nerve-wracking Monday, we settled down in front of the TV to watch ‘Baby Faced Mums’. My Facebook was already going crazy, with people tagging me in posts as they sat down to watch it, and I was feeling more than a little bit nervous. Having seen […]

It’s Tomorrow…

Tomorrow, our episode of “Baby Faced Mums” is on the channel 5*, between 8-9pm. I’m really nervous. I’ll be avoiding Twitter like the plague from about 7:30pm onwards, as the Twitter reaction to last week’s show has been nothing short of disgusting, with people making snap judgements and disgusting comments […]