The Hardest Part Of Parenting 4 Comments

It’s a bit of a daft title for a blog post, I’ll confess. Obviously the hardest part of parenting is subjective – it’ll be different for every parent. For some it will be the sleepless nights. Others will struggle with guilt or stress. This post is about our experience, which […]

Not A Crafty Mummy…

My Instagram, Pinterest and WordPress feeds are¬†filled¬†with fantastic craft ideas for toddlers right now. It’s the run up to Christmas, so it makes sense – handmade crafts make perfect presents, and it’s lovely to have decorations that you can look back on in years to come and think “Ahh, this […]

Whoa There, Mama Bear

I pride myself on being a relatively calm, measured mum most of the time. When SB falls over, I don’t panic – I put on my best “mum” voice and say “Oh dear!”, pick her up and get her to brush her hands together. I don’t tend to overreact, I […]

The Daddy Diaries #7: The Future

Here we have it – the very last Daddy Diaries! It’s been seven weeks since the series began, and we’ve been so pleased with the response to it. Daf is really touched that you’ve all enjoyed hearing parenting from his viewpoint, and I’ve loved doing these interviews. Looks like we’ll […]

The Daddy Diaries #6: Reflections on Fatherhood

I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to never be fooled into thinking that I’ve got all the answers, because I definitely haven’t.