Children Should Be Seen And Not Heard 2 Comments

Every so often, you find a gem of a thread on Mumsnet. Sometimes it’s about parking, or juicy neighbour disputes, or something utterly bizarre. In my opinion, the best threads are ones where non-parents and pregnant women come forth to share their vast parenting wisdom and impart some parenting advice […]

Bluestone: Day Two

To read Part One of our Bluestone Review, click here. Tuesday was our first full day at Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Our plan for the day was really to explore the park and see what facilities are available for free – after all, we’re doing this […]

Family Festival Fun At Geronimo!

January, we meet again. From where I’m writing, I can see out of the window. It’s cold, drizzly and grim… typical January weather. Memories of cosy, crisp December days feel like they happened a million years ago, and the warmth and sunshine of summer feels a lifetime away. I like […]

REVIEW: Spineless Classics

I love literature; I have done since I was a little girl. When other people were discussing what was on TV last night, I had my head buried in a book. Other people had music quotes on their MSN (showing my noughties girl colours here), I had quotes from literature. […]

How Honest Should We Be?

With all the soul-searching and navel-gazing I’ve been doing in relation to my blog lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic of honesty. I pride myself on the fact that my blog is honest – after all, the reason I started the blog was because “Emma’s Diary” is […]