Will We Choose Welsh-Medium Education?

  One thing I’ve always said with absolute certainty, from as soon as I was pregnant, was that SB would be educated through the medium of Welsh. It seemed like a no-brainer. Daf and I were both educated in Welsh-medium schools, where we spoke and learned in Welsh until the […]

Why I’m Proud To Be A ‘Beta’ Parent – Affirmations for 2015

Use the people who try to knock you down as your anti-inspiration. Use them as examples of how not to live your life, and how not to raise your children.

The Name-Changer!

The girl’s name. The girl’s name we’ve both adored pretty much since we got together. The girl’s name we were so certain we’d give to a daughter if we had one. OUR FAVOURITE GIRL’S NAME.   It’s changed. (Well, for me, anyway).   We’ve decided on a new name for […]