Blogging: It’s Not About The Numbers 4 Comments

Some people think blogging is just a case of writing a post, hitting “Publish” and waiting for the views to come rolling in. Actually, it’s a little more complex than that. When you start a blog, you enter a crazy world where everyone talks about metrics and ranking and DA […]

Sagging and stretchmarks – but I still love my post-baby body

I never had the figure of a model, even before having a baby (anyone who’s seen me in real life will assure you that this is an understatement), but – as often happens – my body has deteriorated even more since giving birth. I don’t just mean downstairs – although […]

‘But manatees AREN’T photogenic!’

I mean, look at them. Cute? They’re adorable! But photogenic they are not. As you probably know, I feel a spiritual connection with manatees – more so than ever just lately, with my manatee-like body and perpetual feeling of floating around with no real sense of direction. A bit like […]