day out

Children’s Farm Park, Llanfair (REVIEW)

One of the advantages to growing up in a tourist area is that when you go back to visit, you’re never short on things to do. Whether it’s local attractions or a trip to the beach, it’s hard for SB to be bored around here. When we visited for her […]

Family Day Out: Erddig Hall National Trust Property

Today we decided to get out of the house and do something! Our weekends are so precious now that I’m working through the week; so we really wanted to get out today and spend some time just the three of us. Erddig Hall is a National Trust property and gardens […]

Birthday Party, Part One!

With family spread out across the country, it was inevitable that SB’s birthday celebrations wouldn’t be able to take place on just one day. Today we’ve celebrated with my family, with a visit to a little farm park, and then a party with my extended family in the evening, which […]

Exhausted but elated…

What a week. There’s been stress. There’s been tears (there have been SO many tears). But there’s also been happiness, and fun, and love, and above all, pride. After my last update, I think the next day was Thursday, which was World Book Day. I love World Book Day – […]

Party Planning and zoo trips!

So it’s only taken us all of five months (seriously, how is SB nearly 5 months old?! I’m sure I was heavily pregnant and complaining a couple of weeks ago), but we’ve finally booked SB’s naming ceremony! As you’ll probably remember, we were having a big moral dilemna a few months ago […]