Will We Choose Welsh-Medium Education?

  One thing I’ve always said with absolute certainty, from as soon as I was pregnant, was that SB would be educated through the medium of Welsh. It seemed like a no-brainer. Daf and I were both educated in Welsh-medium schools, where we spoke and learned in Welsh until the […]

What Do Young Parents Need? 9 Comments

Contrary to what you might read in the comments of a Daily Mail article, the answer to that question is not “a job”, “a kick up the arse” or “forcible sterilization”, charming as those suggestions may be. Attitudes are slowly changing, but society still has a major attitude problem towards […]

Can we justify stigmatising young parents?

If we demonise young mothers as ‘chavs’, ‘slags’, ‘uneducated’ and so on, you turn them into an ‘other’. A generation of ambitious, smart and educated girls will think “Well, that’s not me”, and they’ll take risks.

The Speed Bump cruises into 2015…

One thing I vowed when I started this blog was to be totally honest. That meant talking about the tough times, no holds barred – but it also means proving that being a young parent doesn’t have to “ruin your life”.

Returning to student life…

It’s tough. It really, really is. I expected it. I knew it’d be hard – we both did. We left uni last April as full-time students. We return as student parents. Who would’ve thought that one word could make such a difference? Sitting in lectures today listening to all the […]