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“The Speed Bump” Extract #1 – Welcome To The Blogosphere

As several people have requested it, here’s an extract from the upcoming book “The Speed Bump: What To Expect When You’re (Unexpectedly) Expecting”.  The blog began thanks to a little publication called “Emma’s Diary”. If you’re currently pregnant, or have been in the past, you’re probably familiar with Emma’s Diary […]

I Wrote A Book!

As followers of my Twitter will know, my life has been nothing short of busy over the last few days. Just as I’m trying to adjust to life as a stay-at-home mum, I decided to announce the project I’ve been working on for a while now – my book, “The […]

Parenting Challenges – #1 Christening Planning

It’s one of those things no-one warned me about. Amidst all the warnings of sleepless nights and being up to my elbows in baby poo – I wish! (yep, she’s still constipated) -, no-one ever said that it’s so difficult to arrange a Christening. I watched ’16 Kids and Counting’ […]

35 Weeks: In Which I Discover That Emma’s Diary Has Joined The Digital Age

This week, I’ve discovered something amazing. Despite the loss of the physical copy of Emma’s Diary (which, in all honesty, was no great loss at all other than the loss of blog material), I have discovered the online version! Yes, your fix of condescending, “Isn’t My Life Perfect” pregnancy advice […]

18 Weeks – Emma’s Diary can do one…

WEEK 18 ACCORDING TO EMMA’S DIARY Enjoy a lovely relaxing bubble bath. Feel baby moving. Get shouted at by husband’s mum because you haven’t written a comprehensive colour-coded birth plan yet.   WEEK 18 ACCORDING TO ME Don’t have a bath. Might be getting one in new house, but not […]