Student Parenthood: I Don’t Know How I Did It

When I was in my third year at university, juggling the responsibilities of looking after a newborn with the pressures of essay deadlines, I’d often hear “I don’t know how you do it”. My standard response was to smile blithely, shrug my shoulders and say “it’s no big deal”. At […]

Top Tips For Student Parents!

So, as a new university year begins, there are parents up and down the country preparing to take on the task of balancing study with parenting responsibilities. Some are parents to teens and older children, others have newborns and toddlers. Some aren’t even parents yet, but are trying to juggle […]

Happy to be proven wrong…

Remember everything I said in my last post, yesterday? I’m going to have to go ahead and take it all back. This is beyond anything I could have dreamed. I have shed countless tears over this course, poured my heart and all my effort into the work. The course is […]

Under Pressure… 1 Comment

It’s crazy how, in my head, the biggest obstacle to achieving in third year was always going to be SB. I couldn’t picture anything else making it difficult to finish my degree. I should’ve guessed, what with SB being SuperHappyMegaCalmAwesomeBaby™ that something would come along and make life that little bit harder. Nothing’s ever simple.

Separating ‘The Mum’ from ‘The Student’

It’s a lot harder than I anticipated. I was worried, before SB arrived, that I wouldn’t be able to stop being a student, and I’d find it difficult to adjust to being a mum. Much to my surprise, I’ve found the opposite – I love being her mum. Everyone’s said […]