We Are Enough

I have been a mother for almost three years now. Aside from being an utterly terrifying thought, as I don’t feel old enough to be a mum, let alone mum to a three-year-old, it’s made me think about parenting so far. I hate using the term “journey” to describe anything […]

My PND Story

This is a tough post to write. Tougher than most others I’ve written during the two years I’ve kept this blog – mainly because it’s dealing with something that, if I’m honest, I haven’t totally accepted myself. I’m in a strange kind of limbo where this topic is concerned, because […]

Return To Gender: The Update

If you’ve been reading since the start, you may remember that I spoke quite a bit during the pregnancy about wanting SB to be ‘gender neutral’ – I was determined that whether she was a boy or a girl, no blue or pink would grace her wardrobe or her toy […]

Poorly Parenting

As if there weren’t enough things that parents end up feeling guilty about; I’ve just discovered a new one. The overwhelming guilt of being a poorly parent. I’m having tests at the minute because the doctors have no idea what’s wrong with me, but I’m in a lot of pain […]

PFB Syndrome: What it is and why I’ve got it…

PFB syndrome is a term coined on Mumsnet (as far as I know), to describe when parents go above and beyond the call of normal parental duty, to protect their child – and when no other child can really compare to your own special little snowflake. This child is usually, […]