How Honest Should We Be?

With all the soul-searching and navel-gazing I’ve been doing in relation to my blog lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic of honesty. I pride myself on the fact that my blog is honest – after all, the reason I started the blog was because “Emma’s Diary” is […]

Sundays With SB – A Mummy & Daughter Day

On Sunday, Daf went to Conwy Castle for the day, to do some medieval-ing. We went the day before but it had been very wet and cold, and SB is still getting over this cough, so we thought it was best if SB and I stayed in. We did manage […]

Reflections On Two Years of Blogging

I never could have imagined, when I sat down to write that first post, just desperate to get the words out of my head, with an itsy bitsy teeny weeny SB growing in my belly, that the blog would lead me to as many opportunities as it has done.

8 Weird Things My Toddler Finds Hilarious…

Silly faces might get an unimpressed reaction, but acting like a t-rex and chasing her around the room, screaming and waving your tiny arms around? The funniest thing ever, apparently.

If quotes about babies were honest…

We’ve all seen them. Often posted on Facebook, they tug at the heartstrings of any tired, hormonal new mum or mum-to-be, especially when accompanied by a picture of itty bitty baby feet or teensy weensy booties. Let’s face it though – yeah, they’re cute, and yes, they’re quite often true […]