Leaflets Won’t Make Me Breastfeed

This blog first appeared on Huffington Post. I have a strange relationship with my boobs. They’re part of me, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them. We’ve had a rather turbulent relationship over the years. They appeared early, resulting in some teasing and accusations of “stuffing my training […]

My PND Story

This is a tough post to write. Tougher than most others I’ve written during the two years I’ve kept this blog – mainly because it’s dealing with something that, if I’m honest, I haven’t totally accepted myself. I’m in a strange kind of limbo where this topic is concerned, because […]

Week 23 – Oh, Fuck Off Emma!

If I ever considered calling my baby Emma (which I didn’t, it’s a nice enough name, it just never jumped out at me), the awful booklet that is ‘Emma’s Diary’ would be enough to put me off. I wonder if this piece of crap is the reason that the name […]