GUEST POST: Student Parent Stories with Eps And Amy

Welcome to Student Parent Stories, part of The Student Parent Survival Guide! Here I’ll be featuring stories, anecdotes and experiences from parents at all stages of education – whether they’re studying currently, have already finished or are considering it! Today’s guest blog comes from Amy, who blogs at Eps And Amy, and was […]

Everything Changes

Today, I’ve been thinking about how life has changed. Ooh, that all sounds a bit ominous. It’s not as philosophical and weird as it sounds. It’s just that I’ve been blogging now for three years, and I re-read my first ever post today, which got me thinking to how pregnancy […]

A Toddler’s Personal Statement

With my Masters applications suddenly in full swing and personal statement drafts here, there and everywhere, I started wondering (as you do) what it would be like if SB wrote a personal statement. I used to be one of The Student Room’s Personal Statement helpers (ahem, NERD ALERT) so fingers […]

Adapting To Toddlerhood

Toddlerhood is all about adaptations – not just for your baby, as they start to figure out that, hey, those feet are useful as well as tasty!, and that interesting things don’t stop happening once they’re tucked up in their cot at 8pm – but also for you as a […]

World’s Okayest Mom

I think this pretty much sums me up right now. Let’s face it, right from the off I was never going to win any ‘best mum’ awards. I’ve seen enough blogs and scrolled through enough Pinterest boards to know that those awards belong to the parents who find a style […]