The Daddy Diaries #4: Studying With SB

This week, Daf talks about the trials and tribulations of studying with a young baby, and has some advice for anyone who thinks they can’t go to university because of their parenting commitments.

Reflections On Two Years of Blogging

I never could have imagined, when I sat down to write that first post, just desperate to get the words out of my head, with an itsy bitsy teeny weeny SB growing in my belly, that the blog would lead me to as many opportunities as it has done.

Letter To A New Young Mum

I want you to know that it’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to feel apprehensive; to get that little chill of fear down your spine when you realise that this tiny human being now relies on you to meet all of its needs, and they are helpless without you.

8 Weird Things My Toddler Finds Hilarious…

Silly faces might get an unimpressed reaction, but acting like a t-rex and chasing her around the room, screaming and waving your tiny arms around? The funniest thing ever, apparently.

Things you REALLY won’t care about… REALLY.

When you’re sleep-deprived and battling hormones, questions like ‘breast or bottle?’ and ‘reusable or disposable?’ can dominate your life and keep you awake at night. Fear not, Newborn Warrior Parents. Here’s a list of things that, in eighteen months’ time, you’ll wonder why it was such a big issue at the time.