Letter To A New Young Mum

I want you to know that it’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to feel apprehensive; to get that little chill of fear down your spine when you realise that this tiny human being now relies on you to meet all of its needs, and they are helpless without you.

Being Proven Right

I’ve written a piece for the Young Parents Associates blog called ‘The Exception To The Rule’. It’s about being told that no matter what we achieve as young parents, we will always be ‘the exception to the rule’, and society’s determination to paint young parents as no-hopers and layabouts when […]

Instagram mums are NOT real life mums…

Do people view our Instagrams as the story of our life, or just a snapshot? I do worry that if someone saw my Instagram, and saw streams and streams of pictures of the good times, it would only compound the natural loneliness when the hard times hit.

Heavy Hearts

When they tell you your heart will get bigger when you get pregnant, you assume that it’s full of love for your baby. That’s true – but it’s not the only expansion your heart goes through. What I had no idea about before, was how your heart expands to accommodate […]