Sundays with SB #1 – The Sun is Shining!

After a bleak start to autumn, with drizzle and wind and chilly weather, it was a pleasant surprise to wake up this morning to summer making a brief comeback! It’s warm and sunny, with barely any clouds in the sky – perfect to get out and about! We took SB […]

The Parenting Moments I’m Dreading Already!

With SB hitting so many milestones lately showing me that she is growing up far too quickly, my mind has started to drift towards future moments that terrify me completely. Maybe I’ve just been spending way too much time reading threads on Mumsnet about the horrors of the school run and kids […]

Welcome back to Teething Hell, can I take your complacency?

I think last time we were experiencing teething, I referred to it as purgatory (compared to the early days of colic and constipation). Well, it’s back, and I think we’ve been plunged into full-on teething hell. Yesterday we got a call from the nursery, just warning us that she was running […]

Making It Look Easy

A comment I get quite a lot from people is that we’re making parenthood look easy. From a quick glance at my social media feeds, it’s not difficult to see why. My Twitter and Instagram are full of blissful, beaming baby selfies, adorable moments I’ve managed to capture, and ‘baby […]

Tales from the front line of weaning…

A few thoughts about weaning this week. Oh my god. It is so messy. I had visions of my baby, clad in a pretty pink bib, daintily taking puree from her lovely Winnie the Pooh weaning spoons, in her immaculate high chair. Oh, how naive I was. Instead, every time we’ve […]