The Parenting Moments I’m Dreading Already!

With SB hitting so many milestones lately showing me that she is growing up far too quickly, my mind has started to drift towards future moments that terrify me completely. Maybe I’ve just been spending way too much time reading threads on Mumsnet about the horrors of the school run and kids […]

Why I love the ‘Mommy Wars’ video… and why it’s totally okay if you don’t…

I used to take offence when people said “Breastfeeding is my proudest parenting achievement”, and “I’m giving my baby the best start”. In my head, it equated to “You are a failure for not breastfeeding”, “you are not giving your baby the best start”. It felt like a personal dig – but now I realise, it really isn’t.

The Naming Ceremony

On Saturday we held SB’s naming ceremony. When I call it a ‘ceremony’, it was really more of a naming day – there was no officiant or celebrant (we looked into it, but it’s horrendously expensive), but we booked a village hall, provided a buffet and made a couple of […]

Yet more things they didn’t warn me about life after pregnancy…

Your ex-bump may feel doughy and empty and gross for a few days after birth. Side effects of this include an uncontrollable urge to punch anyone who claims they ‘just snapped back’ in the face.

10 things that being a young parent has taught me…

People will judge. People won’t be afraid to voice their opinions. All you can do is grit your teeth and remember that those who shout the loudest, know the least. Or, if their opinions are really offensive/it’s really getting you down/you’re feeling up to fighting injustice, take them down! Call […]