Name Popularity: Does It Matter? 25 Comments

Oliver and Amelia topped the list for boys and girls respectively, for the third year in a row; Pop culture has affected naming trends (there are 69 girls called Khaleesi, for example); the Daily Mail is whining because there’s lots of babies called Muhammed, and all over the country, mums and dads to be are unhappy.

The Name-Changer!

The girl’s name. The girl’s name we’ve both adored pretty much since we got together. The girl’s name we were so certain we’d give to a daughter if we had one. OUR FAVOURITE GIRL’S NAME.   It’s changed. (Well, for me, anyway).   We’ve decided on a new name for […]

Pink or Blue – Speed Bump, Which One Are You?!

COUNTDOWN – 18 DAYS TO SCAN #2 In less than twenty days, we’ll be seeing little SB again. We heard his or her heartbeat a couple of weeks ago, and now I feel like I’m in that worried inbetweeny stage where I probably won’t completely rest until I see that […]