Letter To A New Young Mum

I want you to know that it’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to feel apprehensive; to get that little chill of fear down your spine when you realise that this tiny human being now relies on you to meet all of its needs, and they are helpless without you.

Christmas Preparations!

Okay, don’t shoot me. I know it’s only October. I know it hasn’t been Hallowe’en yet. I know that posting about Christmas at this time of year is an Unforgivable Sin. I am truly sorry. In previous years, I’ve been able to leave Christmas until pretty much the last minute. Decorations go up on December […]

Holidaying with a Toddler and Exciting Times!

We’ve just returned from our holiday to South Wales, and what a jam-packed week it’s been! Lots to post about, and lots of pictures, but for now I’ll leave you with a little preview and some exciting news! As I mentioned a few months ago, we recently filmed with a […]

Things you ABSOLUTELY NEED as a new mum… and things you don’t

ITEMS YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED BISCUITS Well something has to fill the space where the baby was, and it isn’t going to be muscle, is it? In all seriousness, my pregnancy cravings have been replaced by normal hormonal new mother cravings. And it is all biscuits, all the time. A COT MOBILE […]