I Want To Hear Your Birth Story 1 Comment

Dear Mums. No-one Wants To Read Your Birth Story.  Don’t Tell Your Birth Story, Because Birth Stories Are Boring.  Telling A Birth Story Makes You A Smug Mummy.  These are all titles of articles I’ve seen promoted or posted on popular parenting websites. Until I had the idea for this […]

35 Weeks: In Which I Discover That Emma’s Diary Has Joined The Digital Age

This week, I’ve discovered something amazing. Despite the loss of the physical copy of Emma’s Diary (which, in all honesty, was no great loss at all other than the loss of blog material), I have discovered the online version! Yes, your fix of condescending, “Isn’t My Life Perfect” pregnancy advice […]

Ho Ho Fucking Ho

Pregnancy rage combined with Christmas doesn’t make for a happy me.   Apparently I’m supposed to travel for two hours. On a bus, because there’s no way I’d ask D to leave his family at Christmastime. To go back to the town I’ve just come home from for Christmas. To […]