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Blogging: It’s Not About The Numbers 4 Comments

Some people think blogging is just a case of writing a post, hitting “Publish” and waiting for the views to come rolling in. Actually, it’s a little more complex than that. When you start a blog, you enter a crazy world where everyone talks about metrics and ranking and DA […]

If quotes about babies were honest…

We’ve all seen them. Often posted on Facebook, they tug at the heartstrings of any tired, hormonal new mum or mum-to-be, especially when accompanied by a picture of itty bitty baby feet or teensy weensy booties. Let’s face it though – yeah, they’re cute, and yes, they’re quite often true […]

Tipping the balance…

Balancing books and a baby is HARD. Like, really, really hard. Today, I have been trying to – Finish a script Start learning said script Edit together a video when I don’t have half the materials I need for it Somehow turn a 5-page script into a 25 minute performance […]