This Babygrow Could Save Your Child’s Life 12 Comments

Do you know what to do if your baby stops breathing?  It’s not something any of us like to think about, but it’s very important. Last year, research found that only one in four parents would know what to do – and almost three quarters stated that their baby being unable to […]

Hell – Sorry, ELF – On The Shelf

Look at those rosy cheeks. Those bright blue eyes. That coquettish pose. The Elf On The Shelf is a craze that seems to have taken America by storm, and has now swept across the UK too. That little elf… thing has won the hearts of millions of parents across the globe with […]

Butlins: Day Three!

So as morning dawned bright and early in Minehead, we were ready to make the most of our last full day at Butlins! Despite a rocky start – nothing that was Butlins’ fault and all to do with sheer bad luck really – we were having a fantastic time, and […]

SB’s First Comic Con

I think it says a lot about us as parents that we consider this to be every bit as important an occasion as any other major milestone. As geeky parents, today was SB’s equivalent of a first holy communion – her first step towards full geekdom; following in our footsteps […]

Not A Crafty Mummy…

My Instagram, Pinterest and WordPress feeds are filled with fantastic craft ideas for toddlers right now. It’s the run up to Christmas, so it makes sense – handmade crafts make perfect presents, and it’s lovely to have decorations that you can look back on in years to come and think “Ahh, this […]